How we solved it

Our approach

Capture : Custom / Visitor information

Prioritize : Information as you needs and Urgency

Schedule : Quick follow up plans during events

Manage : Events, Sales team & Leads effectively

What they want really

Project Description

SLIM ( Sales Lead Information Management) is a cloud based Application designed specifically for managing the ‘Sales Leads’ generated through marcom activities like exhibitions and other customer events to improve productivity by converting most of the leads to fruitful business.


Our team of expertise took a week of tim to review the existing systems and their business flow, to analyse the current market trends and their market and to discuss and nail their exact requirement


We planned it into components and modules with the client iOS, Android Application for consumers, Merchant users, delivery persons and web application for Administrator, Merchant, Consumers

Loving it

Our team of Developers and tester worked assertively not only to deliver the product to the Market, but also to set a benchmark for the App development industry. We started to receive applause for the same


With weekly update to the client, our team engaged in development for the components and modules. the scenarios brought out by our testing team were appreciated many times by the client.


Our team of expertise took a week of time to analyse the existing process flow.


The fine tuning process were started by injecting the high flow of data in the application and test it in worst scenarios.


After the deployment, we have monitor the activities of the user in the Application and send out an update accordingly


We planned it into components and modules accordingly for the requirements shared.

Follow up

SLIM programmed to send follow up reminders to your entire sales team at once.


By forecasting the future data flow inside the application we have cluster down the server storage respectively.

What the customers see

Frontend Development

Latest Hybrid technology is been deployed to ensure and Fastest and most Fluid performance of the application

Making the app managable

Backend Development

In order to handle most secure information, new encryption logic has been used to be Hack proof solution