What is it all about?

Project Description

Traineri is a comprehensive online personal fitness training platform that allows certified fitness experts to connect to their clients by providing scheduled fitness and diet plans.

By taking into account the requirements of a trainer and client, Traineri allows fitness experts to manage exercise and diet routines of their clients from their smartphones, tablets or desktops. From a client’s perspective, this application gives them the power to stay connected to a trainer of their choice even if they are not in the same physical location.

What’s in for Fitness Trainers?

App Usability

  • Develop and manage customized fitness plans — workout and meal — containing exercise pictures, videos for online or in-person fitness training.
  • Track client health progress through client weight and picture
  • Provision to set specific meal plans according to your clients current health status
  • Create and advertise specific health packages for new and prospective clients visiting the application
  • Get complete detailed information about new clients joining the app
  • Get a chance to promote health supplements of your choice and recommend it to your clients
  • Get personal training requests through the app


We had to held in a Skype call for hours and hours with Client to interpret their vision and convert in to Scope of the this project. And the result we were appreciated as Good listeners


Our Tech Geeks analyzed nook and corner of the requirement and Our team of expertise took a week of time to review the materialization of Requirement and business flow to nail their exact thoughts.

Loving it

Our team of Developers and tester worked assertively not only to deliver the product to the Market, but also to set a benchmark for the App development industry. We started to receive applause for the same


Through Daily status call meeting, the progress has been showcased to on-shore Client. Our Technical Architect reviewed the end -to -end flow on development of the components and modules.


Our team of expertise took a week of time to analyse the existing process flow.


The fine tuning process were started by injecting the high flow of data in the application and test it in worst scenarios.


The scenarios brought out by our testing team were appreciated many times by the client.


We planned it into components and modules accordingly for the requirements shared.


After the deployment, we have monitor the activities of the user in the Application and send out an update accordingly

User base

Since the application targeted for the world class audience, the user base is taken to account

What the customers see

Frontend Development

Light-weight native frameworks and on priority UI and UX features, enables the consumer and user to slide through the entire flow in milliseconds

Making the app managable

Backend Development

For the rapid processing of queries, the specialized architect designed which can process the 10,000 records in one millisecond.